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Difference between string inverters and microinverters

This article aims to explain the differences between string inverters and microinverters, presenting their main differences, modes of operation, advantages and disadvantages for a system, lifespan, warranties, and other points relevant to this analysis. Inverters ...

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The hybrid inverter from RENAC has been approved by INMETRO

RENAC Power has introduced its new line of high-voltage single-phase hybrid inverters for residential applications. The N1-HV-6.0, which received certification from INMETRO under Ordinance No. 140/2022, is now available for the Brazilian market.   According ...

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Overvoltage in Photovoltaic Inverters: Causes, Impacts, and Solutions

Introduction Installers and professionals working in the solar photovoltaic energy market often encounter an increase in electrical voltage during the operating hours of inverters. Many inexperienced professionals may consider this phenomenon a defect or equipment ...

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