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Solar energy has fallen in the taste of Brazilians

Solar Energy has already won the hearts of those who invest and bet on the technology, and it does not stop there, because Brazil should have a leap in photovoltaic generation in the coming years. ...

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Aneel aprova regulamentação da lei 14.300

A ANEEL (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica) aprovou, por unanimidade, o texto que regulamenta a Lei 14.300. O texto foi votado e aprovado nesta terça-feira (07), após uma série de sustentações orais realizadas por agentes ...

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Vertys is Renac in Brazil

The Brazilian solar energy market is growing rapidly and represents an important market for RENAC POWER, one of the best inverter manufacturers in the world. At VERTYS SOLAR GROUP, we have built a strong partnership ...

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